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Traditional English folk song with additional music composed and arranged by Paul James.

Paul James – vocals, electric piano, keyboards, soprano and alto saxophones / Andy Taylor – violin / Clare Rawnsley Hawkins – vocals / Gigi Biolcati – drums, percussion / Victor Nicholls – fretless bass guitar, ebow, loops and electronics, electric guitar.


One Night As I Lay on My Bed (traditional English folk song)

One night as I lay on my bed
I dreamed about a fair young maid
I was so distressed
I could take no rest
Love did torment me so
So away to my true love I did go.

When I came to my love's window
I boldly called her by her name
Saying: It’s for your sake
That I’ve come here so late
Through this bitter frost and snow
So open the window, my love, do.

My mother and father are awake
And they will surely hear us speak
There'll be no excuse
Then but sore abuse
There’ll be many a bitter word and blow
So begone from my window, my love, do.

Your father and mother are asleep,
And they are sure not to hear us speak,
For they're sleeping sound,
On their bed of down
And they draw their breath so low.
So open the window, my love, do.

My love arose and she opened up the door
And like an angel she stood there on the floor
Her eyes shone bright
Like the stars at night
And no diamonds could shine so
So in with my true love I did go.