Paul James - doedelzak, saxofoon.

Hilke Bauweraerts - diatonische accordeon

Thomas Hoste - draailier.


Threo speelt enkele van Paul's recente composities voor mensen om op te dansen - en een paar 'standaarden' die je niet altijd op folkinstrumenten hoort.

Threo joue les compositions récentes de Paul pour que les gens dansent et quelques "standards" que vous n'entendez pas toujours jouer sur des instruments folkloriques.

Threo play some of Paul's recent compositions for people to dance to - and a few "standards" you don't always hear played on folk instruments.

Threo (thrie-oh) is an old English word for 3.  There are many language and cultural connections between Flanders and the East of England. 


Paul James

Paul James is a saxophonist, bagpiper, singer and composer from England who now lives in Belgium. Best known for his work with the band Blowzabella, he makes music influenced by English and European folk and folklore traditions for theatre and his own groups and projects. Biography.

Hilke Bauweraerts

Hilke grew up in a musical family and was smitten with folk music from an early age. It was inevitable that her roots would lead her to begin practicing music herself. She started on the piano and recorder at the Schilde Academy, which later on was exchanged for the Academy of Arts in Turnhout. She obtained a master’s degree in “music therapy” at the LUCA (campus Lemmens Leuven). Although she has practiced numerous instruments since childhood, it was the diatonic accordion that eventually won her heart. At the age of 16 she devoted herself to this great love as an autodidact. To open up the potential of her playing style and let in a fresh breeze of inspiration, she followed internships under Didier Laloy, Anne Niepold, Martin Coudroy, Simone Bottasso, Stephane Milleret, Aurélien Claranbaux en Emile Verstraeten. Hilke appeared on several stages with her first folk group ‘Sakura’, with whom she won the competition at the Lindeboom festival in northern France and released a CD in 2011: “The Bea(s)t Inside”. Being a creative and composing musician, she doesn’t shy away from giving it her all to make sure that the music gets the energy it requires. She is currently an active member in Hidrae, Duo Bauweraerts Van Hees (CD 2017: “Fly In”) and Duo Brabants Bauweraerts.

Hilke also teaches at the academy in Herentals, Sint-Niklaas and the Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege in Malle. She creates / gives many workshops for the KID concerts of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra and she also taught at the folk stage of Kalmthout & Gooik.

Hilke plays an instrument by the French builder Bertrand Gaillard.

Thomas Hoste

Ever since the hurdy-gurdy crossed his path, Thomas has been enchanted by the rich tunes of this unique instrument. His love became a passion. Thomas attended intensive workshops and training programmes both nationally (Martina Diessner, Iep Fourier, Hans Quaghebeur…) and internationally (Gregory Jolivet, Gilles Chabenat, Isabelle Pignol, Valentin Clastrier…). Some years later he knocked at the young folk band’s door himself. Now he tours throughout western Europe with the established Bal Folk formation called Cecilia and since the summer of 2013 with the promising young band Elanor as well. From spring 2018 onwards, he gives a traditional touch to the large-scale project FolKK (Folk meets KleinKunst), a cooperation between Nekka & MuzMoz with Walter Evenepoel as the force behind. Very recent he became the regular hurdy-gurdy player in Hidrae. Furthermore he is a popular guest musician in several ensembles. On account of his background in IT, he manages to combine ancient tones with the most modern sound techniques. This recently resulted in a new drone project duo mOthA (wih Maarten Marchau). Thanks to mOthA, he was able to join the project “Rooted: The Manen Opzij”, a production from the Dranouter Music Center in which two musicians who are involved with folk / traditional music in an innovative way are confronted with two equally innovative musicians from different musical directions. More, Thomas has over time been teaching his instrument among others at “Draailier & Doedelzak” (Netherlands), at vzw Westelfolk as well as academies in Dranouter, Gooik & Gent.

Photo: Rosalie Bosteels

Photo: Rosalie Bosteels