Band / Ensemble Workshops by Paul James

Band / ensemble music workshops for all ages, abilities and any musical instrument. Paul also provides intensive workshops for more advanced players – for a day, a weekend or a whole week.

Band / ensemble muziekworkshops voor alle leeftijden, vaardigheden en elk muziekinstrument. Paul biedt ook intensieve workshops voor meer gevorderde spelers - voor een dag, een weekend of een hele week.

Stages pour band / ensembles pour tous les âges, capacités et instruments de musique. Paul organise également des stages intensifs pour les joueurs les plus avancés - pour une journée, un week-end ou une semaine.

Workshop di band / ensemble per tutte le età, abilità e qualsiasi strumento musicale. Paul offre anche workshops per i giocatori più avanzati - per un giorno, un fine settimana o un'intera settimana.

Paul has been teaching people of all ages and abilities, in different countries, to play and arrange dance music in ensembles for many years.

Using traditional dance tunes or modern compositions as a starting point, Paul’s workshops are about working together as a team to make a mighty big band noise that is more than the sum of its parts. Suitable for all ages, all abilities, any instrument. No prior knowledge of folk music necessary. The aim is to create imaginative arrangements - using harmonies and riffs, textures and dynamics - that are interesting and fun to play, dance and listen to. Participants need to be of a standard where they can play a simple folk tune through at the right tempo, either by ear or by reading music. 

" I establish aims and ground rules and get them playing. As the workshops progresses they gain the confidence to develop arrangement ideas and negotiate them with everyone else in the group. It's as much about team work, and group dynamics, as it is about active listening and ensemble playing skills. I am always surprised by what we come up with. It's always completely unique to that time, place and group of people - which is what music is all about."

Paul can design and deliver a band/ensemble workshop for people of all ages and abilities or more advanced players for a half-day, whole day or 2, 3, 5 or 7 days. 

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From 2016-2023 Paul led the annual European Ensemble Music Weekend at Halsway Manor National Centre for Folk Arts. Tutors included Paul, Anne Niepold, Mikael Marin, Maarten Decombel, Gigi Biolcati, German Diaz, Victor Nicholls. 'Great tutors. Great music making. Great organisation all round. Thank you all.'   'Outstanding weekend and inspiring work from the tutors.'   'It really was as good as everyone has said it was. it was also exceptionally funny'  'The best ever. Even more variety in musical styles and approaches than in previous years, with the usual high standard and general loveliness of participants, all underpinned by Halsway friendliness and look-aftering. Thanks!!!'

As part of the European Ensemble Music Weekend 2019, Paul made a short film on his phone. The participants then worked in two separate groups and each one made their own soundtrack for it. The aim of the exercise was to use music to create different atmospheres with the images. Videos below...