Recorded live at The ACE Space, Newbury, 23 March 2019.

Traditional folk song. Music composed and arranged by Paul James and the Drowned Lovers.


It’s on one morn one sweet May morn
When flowers they were springing
A young man on his death bed lay
For the sake of Barbara Allen

He sent his servant to the house
The house where she was staying
Saying please come to my master's house
If you are Barbara Allen

So slowly she put on her clothes
And slowly she went to him
And as she came to his bedside
She said Young Man you’re dying.

He turned his face towards the wall
As death was creeping on him
Adieu to you, Adie to all
Adieu to Barbara Allen

As she was going across the field
She heard the bell a tolling
And as it tolled, it seemed to say
Hard hearted Barbara Allen.

As she was walking down the street
She saw the corpse a coming
She said put you down his pretty corpse
That I my gaze upon him.

The more she gazed, the more she laughed
Til the further she got from him
And all the people cried For Shame
Hard hearted Barbara Allen.

This young man he died for love
And I shall die for sorrow
So bury this young man here today
And me bury me there tomorrow.