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Words and music by Desmond Simmons.

Paul James – vocals / Andrew Hobday – bass guitar / Damon Sawyer – drums / Fiona Barrow – violin / Simon Houlihan – organ / Victor Nicholls – electric guitar.


Big Corn

Big Corn in the fields
Killing the land for one more yield
Flood lights in the night
Take in the dawn, make it all daylight
Here they come, On the wind
See the dust, Don’t let them in
Big Corn is here to stay, Big corn won’t go away
Big corn won’t know your name
Take the money, Hand you the blame.

I used to have a little farm
Up on the hill, I did no harm
I put back what I took away
Left enough for another day
That was then, This is now
Big Corn has shown me how
Take it all don’t count the cost, Don’t think about what you’ve lost
Big Corn has changed this land
Big Corn has big plans.

I take my girl out with me
Show her what’s left of her country
I try to tell her it’s alright
She sees my tears by the dashboard light
What am I supposed to say?
Had it all gave it away.
Her future and my past,
owned by a man who lives in steel and glass.

Words and music by Desmond Simmons