Using traditional and contemporary “folk” tunes in different styles and time signatures (for example: waltzes, polkas, bourrées, jigs, hornpipes, schottisches, songs…) we will work together to make some fun arrangements for people to dance, listen or sing along to. Sometimes we’ll concentrate on the melody, sometimes we’ll work out other voices in harmony. We’ll play indoors, maybe under a tree or in a café, at a bal, walking through the village or as a Flashmob. Sometimes we will talk about technique and explore how to improvise and communicate emotion in music. Either by choice or necessity bagpipers often play alone, or in small groups with other instruments, so we will practice how to play together as a larger ensemble. The challenge with bagpipes is that they are either “off” (silence) or “on” (making a ferocious noise!). How do we exploit that? The workshop is about everyone working together as a team, supporting and learning from each other – and laughing a lot.

I am teaching a band/ensemble course for brass and woodwind instrument. We will make arrangements of folk dance tunes and maybe a song or two. The Burgbordunale is an extended weekend event with courses for advanced participants. We develop and play dance music on drone instruments, or dance to the same. In addition, two-hour mini workshops are offered on two days after lunch. It is also planned to give various instrument makers the opportunity to present their instruments. Saturday afternoon is ideal for this. On Saturday evening, the lecturers' concert/balfolk , followed by a session, will take place. The course groups play on Sunday evening before & and for the internal balfolk. Registration is open for you from April 1, 2022 !