Halsway Manor European Ensemble Weekend

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Halsway Manor, near Crowcombe, Somerset

An extended weekend course for musicians to develop their ensemble playing skills. Drawing on European folk/contemporary/popular music traditions we’ll be making new arrangements that can go in any direction. The aim is to explore and combine all sorts of influences and ideas to make spine tingling music that is more than the sum of the parts.

The course is fairly intensive and includes all day ensemble workshop sessions with the aim of performing all the pieces we create together at a public concert on the Sunday night.

“It completely revived my creative juices – just what I needed.” 2019 Participant

The course is led by musician/composer/arranger Paul James (Blowzabella, Paul James and the Drowned Lovers). We are delighted to announce that Maarten Decombel (Snaarmaarwaar, MandolinMan and Naragonia Quartet) will join the team for 2022, plus the return of harpist, composer and teacher Merit Zloch (Zirla, Solid Ghost) for the second time.